About Us

About Us

We are ateam with a vision to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of seniorsand retired persons.

We stronglybelieve that seniors still have the will, strength and rigour to go on.Similarly, small and large businesses are always on the lookout to hireexperienced hands, who can provide direction and mentorship to their staff.

Secondinnings offers both such groups to meet and turn their desire into reality



Mostseniors who approach retirement often desire to work. The crème de la crème whoretire as business heads, technical heads, subject matter experts are always indemand, but much less in supply.  Theirprowess is natural, they retired as experts. But they are only a handful.

What aboutthe rest? The ones who retired as production managers, accountants, HRofficers, Admin professionals, operators, executives, sales assistants etc? Arethey in demand too? The short answer is YES! Why doesn’t anyone talk aboutthem? The short answer is, they do, but there is no organized platform to caterto this large chunk of the population.

Secondinnings.comis the platform to cater to ALL retired professionals, regardless of theirpositions, incomes, gender or locations. Secondinnings.com is the platform todiscover the true potential that seniors have to offer. It is a platform tocapitalize on lifetimes of experience!



I am a34-year-old Management Consultant who stumbled upon this idea when I wasstarting a consulting engagement for a Textile company. My role as a ManagementConsultant is to help companies improve their ways of working. In one of theengagements, the client faced challenge in driving their operations team. Thereal issues were those intricate on-ground problems that seldom reached theboardroom – Not that could be solved by dynamic consultants or businessprofessionals. This one required traditional leaders, who bring the ‘been-there-and-done-it’approach. Everyone loved the idea. Question was – how to find such people?

This thoughled to the inception of Secondinnings.com


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